Our Services

Regarging Oilfield Services, GREAWALL is an expert firm in Nigeria with years of global knowledge. We understand the needs of our clients (what to do, how best to do it and how to propose the best resullt).


Services Description


Oil Field Services:

  1. E-line logging (Open & cased holes)
  2. Production logging
  3. Perforation services (TCP& Wireline connveyed)
  4. Pipe Integrity (ulta-sonic, Caliper ...)
  5. Memory PLT / Real Time PLT

Marine Services:

  1. Provision of offshore supply vessels
  2. Provision of Anchor handling Tug Boats and Multi-purpose vessels
  3. Provision of Dredgers and marine support vessels.

Drilling and Rig Management Services:

  1. Provision of onshore drilling rigs
  2. Provision of swamp drilling rigs

Supply of Rig Manpower


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