Our Services


A. Civil Contruction & Engineering Works

  1. Design, Building and Maintenance.
  2. Road/ Bridge Construction and Maintenance.
  3. Drilling of Bore Hole and Water Treatment Plants.
  4. Construction of Landing Apron, Jetties and Shore Protection works.
  5. Carnations, Cleaning and Dredging and / Land Reclamations Works.

B. Land & Marine Equipment Leasing

  1. Bulldozers, Excavators, Graders, Pay-Loader, Carnes Vibration Rollers.
  2. Soul Compactors, Porkka Vibratos, Low Beds, Dumper/Tippers, Hilux Car etc.
  3. AHTS, OSV/PSV/FSIV Vessels, Crew Boats, Tug Boats, House Boot, Barges, Swamp Boggy, Crawler Cranes, Cargo/Bulk Vessels.

C. Engineering Maintenance and Stock Control Services

  1. Tank Cleaning, Sand Blaster and Painting
  2. Meters, Couters Repairs and Maintenance
  3. Overhauls and Maintenance of Generators, Boilers, Turbines and Pumps

D. Materials Procurement and Supplies

  1. Construction Equipment
  2. Petroleum Refining and Production Equipment
  3. Building Materials
  4. Generators and Transformers
  5. Switch Gear, Control Panels and Overhead Line Fitting
  6. Valves, Filters, Pumps

E. Materials Management and Stock Control Services

  1. Stock identification and Codification
  2. Sorting of Stocks and Handing
  3. Stock Disposal
  4. Warehousing and Store Management
  5. Material Manageme


F. Project Management and Consulting Services

  1. Manpower Supply and Project Supervision Service
  2. Project Feasibility and Viability Studies
  3. Commodities and Product Marking
  4. Import / Export Services
  5. Economic and Technical Evolutions / Auditing